HAKIMONU - The Official Website Multi Characteristic artist HAKIMONU's work has a unique talent for gracing our ears with a very special blend of a refined union between electronica & rich experiment of authentic acoustic develop. HAKIMONU work and living internationally, and his eclectic modes of arts characterized his production of a clear conscious that effect the music & visual art through a silently wisdom sphere that appear as a great realization. In 2010 established HAKIMONU his own eponymous label. and began to publish an endless number of albums, concept albums, mini projects and singles, in addition to collaborations with artists who toured him during his career. The first label’s release named as “Reanimate The Obvious” influenced by the aim of his vision to manifest creativity as a constant artist that revealed as spry motivation independently. Later in December 2010 HAKIMONU is starting to release His highly developed project made of the idea to work in minimalist way to approach only by one framework sketch that cultivating with the time in the studio, ‘Cadences & Framework Techno Sketches’ (with 9 singles additions between 2010 -2011), later become ‘Ever’ a collection album that published on the label in December 2011. It should be noted that HAKIMONU’s work exposed and get known by many producers due to his ability to persevere creation by making a wide range of styles that are expressed as musical journeys that haven’t been assembled, experienced or heard before. on April 2012 he released ‘World Are Born Again’ with the Berlin based company ’Sleep Is Commercial’ and they written: “We are pleased to have an album from HAKIMONU on our label. We have been following and playing his works for many years and believe he is one of the most interesting Techno artist from the underground scene. His works are rich of sounds and details, creating unique atmospheres between jazz and techno. The album - Words are born again - travels in between dub techno, ambient and modern jazz sounds. We do not want to use other words to describe the beauty of tracks such as Allogamy or Sympathy. Enjoy the music.” Since then HAKIMONU is keeping releasing products and experiments as albums and many concept collaborations from all genre under the electronic scene like down-tempo & down pitch beats, from dub to free music that goes with any natural choreography you can imagine, jazz for atmospheric addicts, ambient and drone, disco, funk and house oriented, minimal techno as its best, and many versions of Electro-Acoustic projects that uncover his multi universal personality that introducing him as stable-abundant artist. Almost at the end of 2015 he finally releases ‘La Conceptual’ album, a project that is the state of his heart, and he refers it like that: “The very part of this completeness album made as sound motive to my music path of productions. The availability to find each source of it leads me to develop & innovate feeling I had precept for a very long time ago. That point of view creates with me an extraordinary one piece of an openings doors that shows you a gentle mark from the soul. This work produced between the year 2009 and recovered for releasing these days as my next album. La Conceptual designate HAKIMONU Sounds and reveal a substance quality that electronic music has.” 2017 was the year of innovating most of his eclectic sound by easily releasing monthly his sound signatures style and touch his deeply wills to make HAKIMONU as trademark for this time of art. All of this exists for the listener in the complete label's catalog.‫ Look for 'Staring & Mars', 'Jinga', 'All You Need Empty', 'tabpertub', & 'Closed Orbit / Tomazoe'. HAKIMONU intends to lead audiences to what he calls balance in the senses through his experience that introduce his music and art by the endless creation that exist around us.